Who needs a license?

Any person who needs to install the font software on his computer must be covered by a license. If a designer sells a template for which the client needs to install the font software, then the client needs to purchase his own license. To make this kind of situations easier you can purchase yourself a license for your client.

Can I purchase a license for my client?

Yes, you can. During the order and before the payment you can select the “I am buying for my client” option. Then you will need to enter the license informations of your client and proceed to payment.

I am working with a freelance; do I have to buy an additional license for him?

“Small”, “Medium” and “Large” licenses specify a number of workstations within one workspace on which you can install the font software. If the freelance you work with comes into your workspace and uses one of your own computers for which you have already purchased a license, then there is no need for an additional license. However, if the freelance works in another place or if he brings his own computer into your workplace, then a “Unique” license in his name must be purchased for him.

Does my printer or programmer need a license?

You can send the font software to one of your service providers (printer or programmer) for a limited amount of time if the font software is deleted as soon as your service provider finishes his mission. In that particular case, there is no need to buy an additional license.

We are two freelance designers working together on a project; can we buy a “Small” license for the two of us?

Unfortunately that is not possible. The “Small“ license is aimed at studios, companies or associations… In this case, you need to purchase two “Unique” licenses.

Do I need a license for my laptop?

If you own this laptop there is no need for an additional license since the “Unique” license covers installation of the font on one desktop computer and one laptop. However, this laptop cannot be owned by someone else, even if he is an intern or a freelance working with you. In that case, a new “Unique” license needs to be purchased for this user.

I have alreday bought a “Unique” license, but I now have a small company — what should I do?

Write to us at to request an upgrade on any license already purchased. You will only pay the price difference instead of buying a new license. However, asking for a downgrade is not possible as we do not make refunds.

Our company has two locations with four workstations each. Should we buy one “Medium” license for 8 workstations or two “Small” licenses for 4 workstations?

In this case you need to purchase two licenses “Small”, one for each of your two locations.

Can I use this typeface on my website?

Yes you can: our license includes all Print, Web, App, ePub uses.

For how long is my license valid?

Our licenses do not have an expiration date so they are valid for life.

Is my license valid only for the project I bought it for?

All our licenses cover the Print, Web, App and ePub uses without limitations in space, time or broadcast; therefore you can use the font you purchased on as many projects as you want. If you ever want to share your designs with us, send pictures at — we are always happy to discover the new things you’ve created with our fonts.

Custom type

Can you create bespoke typefaces?

Bureau Brut regularly designs bespoke typefaces for its clients — for example we’ve already created the Peclers and Byblos fonts. If you are interested and want to learn more, contact us at

Can I add/change one or a few glyphs in one of your fonts?

You can’t alter one of our typefaces in any way — for instance by adding, or changing the design of, a glyph — and you cannot ask other type designers to do so. Contact us directly at and we will happy to see what we can do for you.

Can I add a new writing system to one of your fonts?

You can’t alter one of our typefaces in any way by including a new writing system and you cannot ask other type designers to do so. Contact us directly at and we will work with a team of experts to meet your needs.

Typefaces operation

What font formats are available?

All our typefaces are available in .otf and in .eot, .woff and .woff2 for web use.

You’ve just released an upgrade on a font I already purchased — how can I get it?

By going back in your account you can download the upgraded files. Don’t forget to uninstall the former versions before installing the new ones.

Prices and discounts

What is your price policy?

Our prices are adapted to the size of your structure: you won’t pay the same if you are a freelance designer working on his own, a small, medium or large company. That is why we offer 4 “sizes” of licenses: “Unique”, “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”.

I am a student; can I use one of your fonts for free?

We offer Test versions that can be used in non-commercial school projects as long as the typeface’s designer is duly credited. We do not offer special discount for students but reductions can apply to schools. Don’t hesitate to ask your course leader to get in touch with us in order to learn more.

Can I buy somme of the typefaces that I saw on but are not available to shop online?

It really depends — so contact us directly at and we will tell you more.