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Designed by Bureau Brut
Published in 2018
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About Bourrasque

3 styles
Designed by Yoann Minet in 2014
Developed and published by Bureau Brut in 2018

Bourrasque finds its origin in a custom work for the opening credit sequence of the short film Un certain regard, directed by students from the Gobelins school. It complemented the animation by following the film set, which featured moving escalators. When used in a regular, horizontal setting, its true structure appears: a combination of rotalic and italic principles, it plays on a 45° rotation of strokes and circular letters while keeping a steady baseline. Ouest (West) and Est (East) versions appear to be losing their balance, as if blown over by a sudden gust of wind — a “bourrasque” in French, which gives the typeface its name.


Distinctive features


🡦 Regular


🡦 45 Ouest


🡦 45 Est


🡦 Regular + 45 Ouest

An immense track,
of dazzling whiteness,
marked the passage
of the animal.

🡦 Regular + 45 Est

As to its dimensions,
I could only conjecture
them to be admirably

Character set preview

Bourrasque in use



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