Bricks and mortar bookstores

Our network of specialist booksellers is currently under construction.

In-person delivery

To make an appointment in the Toulouse area, get in touch at publishing@bureaubrut.com.


Visit bureaubrut.com/product-category/publishing to buy on line. We ship worldwide.

On-line purchase


Prices are in euros, VAT included. Shipping charges will be added according to postal rates in relation to the area of delivery, the amount of the order and the number of items included in the parcel.


In France, the VAT rate applicable to the purchase of books is 5,5%. Taxes do not apply to purchases from UE countries (France excluded) with a valid intra-community VAT identification number, as well as from other, non-UE countries.


We use the regular postal network for our shipments. Each parcel expedited in mainland France has its own tracking number. For shipments to Europe and the rest of the world, we use La Poste’s “Livres et brochures” scheme, a service devised to facilitate the spreading of French cultural products, but whose reduced shipping and handling prices entail a fairly slow delivery. If you have specific requests on these matters, please get in touch and we’ll try our best to come to a suitable solution.


You can pay online via secure payment provided by Stripe or Paypal. If you prefer using a direct bank transfer, please get in touch at publishing@bureaubrut.com.

Terms and conditions


If the book you purchased shows physical defects — because there was a printing or binding problem, or because it was damaged during shipment — please write us to obtain a replacement copy. We’re sorry not to be able to take back copies which would be returned to us for other reasons.

Bureau Brut

66 rue Louis Vitet

31400 Toulouse



If you’ve got a publishing project dealing with graphic and typographic design culture and you’d like to work with us on it, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at publishing@bureaubrut.com.