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Boogy Brut Stickers

Description : 9 sheets, 125 × 245 mm | Materials : Adhesive Vinyl Polymer Glossy White | Typeface : Boogy Brut, Bureau Brut & Julien Priez | Printing : Le Print Club, Toulouse (31) | Editing & publishing : Bureau Brut, Toulouse (31)

The Boogy Brut Party that took place on June 25, 2022 at Ateliers Grand Huit in Borderouge, France, was the occasion of a collaboration with Le Print Club : we produced a series of sticker sheets dedicated to Boogy Brut that we are proud to offer you.


The pack contains 9 sheets corresponding to the following styles:

— Boogy Brut Poster White,

— Boogy Brut Poster White Italic,

— Boogy Brut Poster White Wild,

— Boogy Brut Poster Black,

— Boogy Brut Poster Black Italic,

— Boogy Brut Poster Black Wild,

— Boogy Brut Wild White,

— Boogy Brut Wild Black,

— and the entire Boogy Brut emojis.

Each element within a sheet is an independent sticker, making it a total of almost 1200 stickers.

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