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Theater: Théâtre-Cité [Toulouse, Haute Garonne]

Project for: TNT competition for the graphic identity, 2018 | Typefaces: Brut Grotesque Droulers, LeBreton, Totentanz, Bureau Brut | Illustrations: Clément Vuillier

When Galin Stoev became the new director of Toulouse’s TNT (the biggest theatre in the city of Toulouse, in the south of France), he decided to change everything : the name, the vision, the scope. We were selected to take part in a closed competition aimed at giving a brand new visual identity to this brand new theatre. We wanted the new identity to celebrate the rich diversity of the place, and to show how much it was going to become more than just a theater — a true city inside the city. The post-modern building inspired a typographic principle where several of our typefaces coexist in a single word, on a single page, on a single poster. All the materials we proposed paid homage to everyday objects: information about each show was to be presented on a postcard, the season program was a paperback book, posters looked like wall-mounted newspapers similar to the Chinese “dazibao” posters. Every other season, we would have chosen a different illustrator who would have displayed his work throughout the communication as if he was an artist in residency at the theater. The first year would have featured Clément Vuillier’s mesmerizing work on explosions, as a way to emphasise the literal bursting of the TNT into a wholly new, dynamic entity.