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Publishing house: Possible Books [Berlin, Germany]

Project for: Possible Books, 2017 | Editors: Jo Preußler & COGITATIO·FACTUM | Title: The Death of Graffiti | Specifications: 140,5 × 225 mm, 350 pages | Typefaces: Lebreton and Brut Grotesque, Bureau Brut

We’ve created the cover for The Death of Graffiti, published by Possible Books. Constructed around a polemical text on the practice of graffiti, the book gathers several theoretical essays on the discipline and its history. The cover, printed in red and metallic chrome, is a play on the time-honoured practice of covering existing graffiti (also called “toying”) and echoes the way the texts all respond to the first document. The composition takes up all the space available on the book cover, as it would on a wall.