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Consulting agency: Peclers Paris [Paris]

Project for: Peclers Paris, 2018 | Custom typeface: Peclers, 7 styles

We’ve designed a custom type family for Peclers Paris, a consulting agency in trends, fashion and lifestyles. Their goal is to decipher societal and cultural evolutions, and the custom design is meant to convey this forward-thinking approach. On a simple sans serif structure, we added some surprising details, giving a feeling of perspective by crossing some strokes and diagonals. Vertical endings emphasize the sharpness of the design while matching the delicate crossings. This optical effect grows stronger the bolder the weight gets. On lighter versions, the impact is more discreet so that these can be used for the composition of short texts. To go with this display family of seven weights, we used our typeface Brut Grotesque for the setting of all texts, choosing the matching weights for a harmonious overall feel.