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Museum: Musée Vassil Ivanoff [La Borne, Cher]

Project for: Musée Vassil Ivanoff, 2018 | Title: Formes humaines — Jacqueline & Jean Lerat | Author: Renaud Régnier | Specifications: 170 × 235 mm, 124 pages, 600 copies | Typeface: Brut Grotesque, Bureau Brut | Photography: Pascal Vangysel | Print: Imprimerie CIA Graphic

2018 was a year of celebration of the work of Jacqueline & Jean Lerat, both pioneers in the French world of ceramics. The Musée Vassil Ivanoff in La Borne put together a retrospective exhibition and asked us to work on the book and leaflet to come with it. Devised in close collaboration with the exhibition’s curator Renaud Régnier and in direct relation to the spatial design of the show, the book is a catalogue of shapes. The cut-out photographs of the exhibits are used as graphic elements to establish new relationships between them — tension, confrontation, comparison or dialog. This casts a light on how these two artists, who worked side by side for their whole life, managed to influence each other’s practice.