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Museum: Jeu de Paume [Paris]

Project for: Jeu de Paume, 2017-2020 | Title: Album de l’exposition, Exhibition portfolio | Specifications: 220 × 310 mm, 48 pages, 2000 copies (ARP) / 8000 copies (DL) / 1500 copies (KW) / 2500 copies (LG) / 1500 copies (AK) / 1200 copies (RJ), 9,50 € | Text typeface: Futura BQ, Berthold | Display typefaces: Dr, Bureau Brut (ARP) / Mars, Alaric Garnier and Bourrasque, Bureau Brut (DL) / Next, Ludovic Balland (KW) / Ostia Antica, Bureau Brut (LG) / Stratos, Yoann Minet (AK) / Stanley, Ludovic Balland (RJ) | Print: Imprimerie Escourbiac (ARP), Leclerc

We’ve designed the bilingual porfolios the Jeu de Paume museum publishes to accompany the exhibitions they show in both their Paris and Tours locations. They wanted an accessible and affordable publication that would celebrate the work of the famous photographers featured in the exhibitions. Working with a generous format enabled us to put the photographs front and centre: they are the heart of the publication. Designed in direct response to the exhibition, each book mirrors the visitor’s actual journey within the exhibition space, giving him introductions and comments on the works along the way. Each album features its own contemporary display typeface, specific colour and layout, all matching the photographer’s personality and universe. Six albums have been published, each devoted to the work of a leading photographer: Albert Renger-Patzsch, Dorothea Lange, Koen Wessing, Luigi Ghirri, André Kertész and René-Jacques. For the past three exhibitions we’ve also assisted the museum communication team with artistic direction on the exhibition’s communication.