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Museum: Ceramics Museum of La Borne [La Borne, Cher]

Project for: Musée de la Poterie de La Borne, since 2017 | Custom typeface: Scories Text, 1 style (available in 8 styles: Matorral) | Typeface: Brut Grotesque, Bureau Brut | Print: Imprimerie Launay and Atelier Face B | Media: meeting letter, membership form, posters, invitation, sign, wall text, work’s label

Since 2017 we have been working for the Musée de la Poterie de La Borne (La Borne Ceramics Museum). Founded by some local, passionate craftsmen and established in the village chapel, this humble museum is located in a region with a long tradition of stoneware ceramics. We’ve designed a visual identity revolving around a bespoke serif typeface with a modeled and sturdy look. The material aspect of stoneware is hinted at with huge stochastic halftones and the museum’s mark echoes the chapel’s characteristic architecture. This identity, which only uses black and white, tells the story of the museum in a restrained and light-hearted way. Our typeface Matorral, which derives from the museum’s bespoke typeface, is now available on our shop in a new design optimised for text setting and with brand new additional weights.