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Grimbergen [Paris]

Project for: Grimbergen, 2020 | In collaboration with: BETC Digital | Custom typeface: Grimtype, 1 style

We’ve designed a bespoke typeface for Grimbergen, with art direction from ad agency BETC Digital. It is inspired by some sans serif, condensed, bold, all-caps wood types used for billboards at the beginning of the twentieth century. This particular style allows for a use at huge, impactful display sizes, but with moderate line lengths thanks to the condensed proportions and the very narrow fitting. To lighten up the structural robustness of the letters, these have been enriched with many meticulously-crafted details: the bevelling of straight letters such as E and F, the curve on the tail of R, the accents which are stuck to the top of the letters, etc. All these have been inspired by the letters of the Grimbergen logotype.