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Publishing house: Éditions Nova [Paris]

Project for: Éditions Nova, 2017 | Title: V comme Vegan | Author: Théo Ribeton | Specifications: 130 x 210 mm, 192 pages, 3500 copies | Typefaces: Brut Grotesque, Bureau Brut and Arnhem, Fred Smeijers | Print: Imprimerie Chirat

“Parallaxe” is Éditions Nova’s new paperback series, where the title of each book takes the form of an “A is for…”. This collection of essays deals with some hot social topics, taking a fresh look at the world and inviting us to adopt new vantage points, to imagine a seemingly impossible world. It asks each of us to reconsider what we stand for and believe in. The cover design alludes to these themes by using a bespoke lettering based on dizzying optical illusions. The simple and contemporary layout reflects the serious tone of the essays. To this day, only the first title, V pour Vegan by Théo Ribeton, has already been published.