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Craft: SeemSoap [Montreuil]

Project for: Mathilde Lehmann, 2022 | Typeface: Round, Bureau Brut | Printing: Ulzama, Navarra, Spain | Photographer: Melanie Beyl | Photography editing: Malimda Aloua | Photography models: Malimda Aloua, Tatiana Dewavrin, Mathilde Lehmann | UX/UI design: Elvire Volk Leonovitch | Website development: Erwan Beauvir | Media produced: photography, packaging, website

It was at 69 rue de la Fraternité in Montreuil — where we share offices until our departure for Toulouse — that we meet Mathilde Lehmann. SeemSoap is created, a few days appart, the same year as Bureau Brut, in 2015. It is therefore five years later, a little before the first lockdown, that we start redesigning SeemSoap’s visual identity. Mathilde draws and tries to put together a new permanent collection, following the “elles ensembles” program for entrepreneurs in Seine-Saint-Denis, while we professionalize the image and medias of her brand. The geometric shapes, the colors, the playful spirit are directly drawn from the visual universe of Mathilde which is perfectly embodied in the typeface “Round”. However, the research is quickly articulated around the constraints linked to the packaging; very small quantities, a variety of shapes and sizes, reduced maintenance time, a more upscale finish, the possibility of working for all collections, a budget of less than two euros per box. At this point, the job of a designer is closer to that of an investigator. The outcome has however nothing to do with Colonel Mustard or Mademoiselle Rose, but rather a story of clean hands, with a touch of wonder in our daily lives. We do need it !