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National Centre for Visual Arts [Paris]

Project for: Centre National des Arts Plastiques, 2019 | Specifications: 210 × 297 mm, 3000 copies | Typeface: Bourrasque, Bureau Brut | Print: Art & Caractère

The 2019 greeting card for the French National Centre for Visual Arts—colloquially known as Cnap—is both literally and figuratively a “carte blanche”: we enjoyed free rein on the design, and we created a white piece of paper. This sheet, which appears white only at first glance, is an invitation to write down not only that new year’s wishes but also plans for the future. Playing on the idea of a paper sample, we created for the Cnap a textured custom paper that depicts a landscape, a new territory to explore. The printing in two spot colours, a Curious Matter paper with a peculiar touch, and some blind embossing heightened the textural effects and strengthened the illusion.