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Author and composer: Benjamin Goron [Montreal, Canada]

Project for: Benjamin Goron, 2016 | Title: Victor | Voice: Benjamin Goron | Musicians: David Piché, Karine Bétournay, Pierre-Alexandre Maranda and Afolabi Fapojuwo | Specifications: 500 copies | Typeface: Totentanz, Bureau Brut


Project for: Benjamin Goron, 2018 | Title: Poèmes, Fresques, Chansons | Specifications: 148 x 210 mm, 46 pages, 50 copies | Typefaces: Bourrasque, Bureau Brut and Arnhem, Fred Smeijers | Impression: Imprimerie Launay

From time to time we work with Benjamin Goron, a singer, songwriter and music composer based near Montreal.

In 2016 we created the sleeve and communication for the release of his album Victor. It is the last album ever recorded at Studio Victor in Montreal before it was shut down. It contains a single 50-minute track featuring five different texts (including a tribute to this legendary recording place), all written and read out loud by Benjamin Goron against a background of improvised music. Our work draws upon the powerful writing which is central to the album, turning its rich and colourful content into a visual experiment based on typography and texture.


In 2018, we brought together a selection of Benjamin’s written material as a three-part editorial object. We wanted it to reveal the different aspects of his writing in the same way a colour chart would. All his texts are laid out on cards gathered by rivets and an elastic band, as a way to describe both his process and the nature of the texts: short pieces written over the course of one year and then collected. It also allows a different reading experience depending on the piece: fragmented for Chansons (Songs) and Poèmes (Poems), unbroken for Fresques (Sagas).