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School: Paris Design Schools [Paris]

Project for: École Boulle, Duperré, Estienne et Ensaama, 2016 | Title: Demande d’habilitation au diplôme conférant grade de master | Specifications: 175 × 250 mm, 202 pages, 60 copies | Typefaces: Brut Grotesque and Totentanz, Bureau Brut | Print: Imprimerie Launay, silkscreen printing for the cover by Pauline Filleron

This book was commissioned by four Paris leading design schools (Boulle, Duperré, Estienne and Ensaama) to present their joint application to university degree-awarding capacity. It had to reflect both the seriousness and official nature of the request and the personality of creative environments training future designers. We created an artefact that is easy to understand and to handle, and focused on making the dense and complex content (with many charts, diagrams and appendices) more legible.