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Bed & Breakfast: La Cambuse Blanche [Cuxac-d’Aude, Aude]

Project for: Tiemo Schaefer, 2020 | Photography: Bureau Brut | Custom typeface: Lickel, 1 style

Architect Tiemo Shaefer has recently devoted himself to a very personal, self-initiated project: renovating an ancient building located on his family’s wine estate, in the French department of Aude. The chosen architectural style, both modernist and context-led, echoes the “critical regionalism” movement. The finished building, which is destined to vacation rental, has whitewashed limestone walls contrasting with neat, rectangular window frames which exalt the surrounding natural landscape, and will provide a peaceful setting favourable to meditation and relaxation. The visual language we came up with is directly inspired by our initial site visit: the script typeface draws on the writing in samples of ancient, handwritten land registries we found on the estate. It is paired with montaged photographs which offer deconstructed points of view on La Cambuse Blanche without ever showing it in totality.