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Carnault [Bâle, Suisse]

Project for: Carnault, 2022 | In collaboration with: Bonjour Paris | Custom typeface: Carnault, 4 styles | Typeface development: Corentin Noyer

We have created a custom typeface for the visual identity of the luxury e-cigarette brand Carnault, under the artistic direction of Bonjour Paris. Designed for titling and in an all-caps only character set, it embodies the brand’s voice and tone. The visual identity draws inspiration from the golden age of the 1970s, in an elegant and nostalgic yet contemporary setting. To blend into this universe, this font finds its inspiration in the renowned Tiffany typeface created by Edward Benguiat in 1974, as well as in the sources that influenced Benguiat, two serif typefaces from the late 19th century: Caxton and Ronaldson. Similarities with these references can be seen in the shapes of some letterforms, such as the top of the ‘A’, the junction of the ‘M’, or the leg of the ‘R’. Some details have been exaggerated to enhance its unique and contemporary character, such as the intentionally elongated terminals of some letters (E, L, G, or S), as well as the consistent angles of these same terminals.